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Rachel Storey has 24 years experience as a solicitor in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.  She is also an accredited National Mediator, Arbitrator and a Federally Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. 

During her time as a solicitor, she has been a keen activist of the promotion of access to justice so clients can avoid undergoing expensive, and lengthy trials. Rachel believes that it is important to listen to her client and try to resolve matters earlier than later – we realise it is important to be able to move on with your life rather than be involved in endless legal proceedings where the only winner is often the lawyer.

Initially practising in Victoria for the Australian Government Solicitor, labor law firms and then multi-National Mediator law firms,  Rachel went onto work as an Inspector at the Fair Work Ombudsman with various contract roles at community legal centres as either a volunteer or paid solicitor.

She opened her own firm in Broken Hill in May 2011, starting in a one room office on her own.  As her reputation grew, so did her business, which now has operations in three separate states.  In 2014, Rachel was selected by the pre-eminent legal publication Lawyers Weekly as one of Australia’s ‘Hottest Lawyers’ for achievements in the legal field.

She was elected President of the Far West Law Society in 2016 representing an area and the legal needs of people in area the size of Germany.  In 2018, she was nominated for sole practitioner of the year in the Australian Lawyers Weekly awards.  She continues to excel in fighting for her clients and their interests.  If you want someone in your corner, you want Rachel.

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Lead solicitor, Rachel Storey.

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