Rachel Storey was very helpful and understood my situation perfectly. Her comments and recommendations were pertinent, clear and concise. I felt very comfortable speaking about this difficult phase of my life and felt reassured by her professionalism and vast experience in this area of law.
, Ex-Serviceman
I never thought I would meet a lawyer like Rachel. I don’t have much time for them. However, she explained everything every step of the way of my matter and made me feel a lot more reassured. She didn’t give up on me either. I would recommend her to anyone. Also, she has extremely competitive prices after being to other lawyers.
, Miner/Driver
I had a criminal matter before the Court. I was so embarrassed, I had never been in that position before. Rachel helped me with getting references, doctor’s reports and clinical notes to show the Judge my personal circumstances at the time of the offence. This meant I received a minimal fine required under the law. I was so relieved.
, Community Services
Rachel’s staff always treat me like I am very special and are so friendly and helpful. Who would have thought going into a lawyer’s office you would get that sort of treatment!!
, Student
I got sacked from my job due to racial discrimination. I got told that I had no case by other lawyers and to forget about it. Rachel looked at it and could see clearly that I had a racial discrimination and an unfair dismissal case. I knew that I did and it was good to hear a solicitor with a lot of knowledge in the area agreed with me! We took my employer to Court and I got a good settlement after what had happened to me. Nothing can compensate me for what happened but at least Rachel was able to get me some sense of justice.
, Health Sector
Brilliant. Rachel got me more than what I was expecting from crime compensation. They changed the laws in NSW but Rachel fought all the way. The next thing I know, Rachel is filing statutory declarations, witness statements, and clinical notes and I get another $5,000.00 from what I was looking at being awarded due to my injuries. She really cared about me and my family too during this bad time. Would highly recommend it.
, Disability Pensioner
Good service, prompt, could get in easy contact. Would use it again.
, Small Business Manager
Rachel and her staff are so friendly. It’s like meeting friends. They put me at ease straight away and gave me the impression they were ”in my corner’ right from the start. Given how my ex was behaving, I really appreciated that.
, Marketing
I am not the person who would think they would be writing to thank a lawyer. However, when quick Court action was needed, Rachel set aside the time and within two days we got the result we wanted. It didn’t matter that I was on Legal Aid, she gave me good service and I am now a loyal supporter of hers and have used her services again.
, Single Dad
Rachel’s staff are a pleasure to deal with. Nothing is too much trouble. It is always a joy to come into the office and see their smiling faces.
, Retired
Rachel took on my case when no other firm would help me.  I had searched for years, getting the run around and being told of enormous legal costs.  Then she started up here in Broken Hill and I was able to be represented at a Court case and get a response to a very personal matter.
, Retired
We had a very nasty estate matter where one of our wider family members had done the wrong thing with a parent’s estate. It was very distressing for us. Rachel is helping us through the mess and in contrast to solicitors in Adelaide who seemed to only care about how much money we could pay them. Rachel made me feel a lot better about things and about our case. It’s wasn’t easy but at least we know Rachel is there for us
, Administrator
My kids were taken from me by my ex-partner. I was out of my mind with worry. I had no car, nothing. Then I heard about Rachel and as soon as I saw her, things started happening. She was calm and detailed in her work but you could see that she cared most of all. That is what I like about her. I haven’t met a lawyer like her before and because our case is ongoing, I haven’t found her approach to be different or changed at all. She is the genuine deal.
, Sole Parent
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Rachel Storey & Associates gives back to our community.  We have donated or provided legal advice on a pro bono or reduced fee to numerous community & sporting groups, Legacy, and the World Wildlife Fund funding endangered koalas. We were an active sponsor of the Priscilla Queen of the Desert Festival – a major annual tourism event in the Far West of NSW.

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