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Compassionate Domestic Violence Lawyers Melbourne

If you or a loved one are experiencing domestic violence, it’s crucial to seek legal help from experienced professionals. At Rachel Storey & Associates, our dedicated team of domestic violence lawyers in Melbourne is here to support and protect you.

Expert Legal Support for Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence can have severe physical, emotional, and psychological impacts. Our Melbourne domestic violence lawyers are committed to providing compassionate and effective legal assistance. We specialize in handling cases involving:

  • Family violence intervention orders
  • Protection orders
  • Restraining orders
  • Legal representation in court
  • Safety planning and legal advice

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Our team understands the complexities of domestic violence cases and provides comprehensive legal services to ensure your safety and well-being. We offer:

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  • Expert legal advice
  • Representation in court proceedings
  • Assistance with obtaining protection orders

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  • Experienced Domestic Violence Lawyers: Our team has extensive experience handling domestic violence cases in Melbourne.
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If you need the assistance of domestic violence lawyers near me, contact Rachel Storey & Associates. Our team of domestic violence solicitors in Melbourne is here to help you navigate the legal system and secure the protection you need.

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If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please contact emergency services. For legal assistance and advice, reach out to our team of dedicated domestic violence lawyers in Melbourne at Rachel Storey & Associates today.

Melbourne Domestic and Family Violence Law Specialists

Intervention Orders
Our dedicated domestic violence lawyers will assist you in obtaining protection and intervention orders, as well as guiding you through any other matters, such as parenting or separation. We will ensure empathy and expertise at all times while helping you obtain the best possible outcome for your personal safety and wellbeing.
Children's Matters & Child Protection Matters
If your child or children are experiencing family violence, our team will work hard to protect their rights and welfare of children. We specialise in family violence matters and will ensure their best interests are at the forefront.
Family & Dispute Resolution in Domestic Violence Cases
Addressing family disputes amid domestic violence requires a skilled legal negotiator. Our legal service emphasises resolution through mediation, which can be done privately via video call to foster amicable solutions while prioritising your safety.
Parenting & Children's Arrangements
Our legal expertise ensures a child-focused approach to parenting and children's arrangements. We work diligently to establish fair and sustainable parenting plans, emphasising the child's needs and ensuring any family violence matters are taken into account while organising parenting matters.
Divorce & Separation in Family Violence Cases
Handling divorce and separation within the context of domestic violence can be a very challenging process. Our legal team provides compassionate support, guiding you through your family law matter while prioritising your safety and well-being.
Parenting Disputes in Family Violence Cases
Resolving parenting disputes in the context of domestic violence requires a compassionate and strategic approach. We will prioritise the safety and well-being of all parties involved while advocating for your rights and future outcomes.
Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (FCFCoA) Representation
Entrust your legal representation to our experienced team for Federal Circuit and Family Court matters. We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to advocate for your rights and interests. Our commitment to excellence ensures a thorough and effective representation in the FCFCoA for both family violence and general family law matters.

Melbourne Family Violence Lawyers

Domestic & Family Violence Lawyers Who Are On Your Side

Our dedicated team of Melbourne lawyers adeptly guide victims and Survivors through legal proceedings and protection orders related to domestic and family violence. As specialists in domestic violence law, we guarantee exceptional advice on matters of safety, protection, and legal recourse.

Our expert support extends beyond getting a successful outcome with legal proceedings. We have a comprehensive understanding of family violence cases and can handle family violence orders, as well as concurrent matters such as divorce or separation. We will take your matter with the utmost sensitivity and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Rachel Storey Family Violence Lawyers Melbourne

Navigating family violence situations is rarely straightforward, especially when compounded by ongoing safety concerns, conflicts, or the challenge of finding closure while ensuring protection. Emotions often run high when addressing safety matters, so we provide legal support to help you make decisions during such a challenging time.

As your committed domestic violence lawyer, we promise to provide comprehensive support, ensuring you feel fully supported throughout the legal process.

Rachel Storey was very helpful and understood my situation perfectly. Her comments and recommendations were pertinent, clear and concise. I felt very comfortable speaking about this difficult phase of my life and felt reassured by her professionalism and vast experience in this area of law.

Tom, Ex-Serviceman

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Family Violence Lawyers Melbourne - Frequently Asked Questions

The Family Violence Protection Act defines family violence offences as any harmful behaviour or threat made towards a person’s partner or family member.

Domestic violence cases encompass a range of abusive behaviours that occur within intimate relationships. Our experienced team comprehensively addresses issues such as physical violence, emotional abuse, financial control, and threats within the domestic sphere. We understand the sensitivity required to approach these cases, recognising the need for swift and effective legal action to protect victims and the accused.

Family violence can take many forms, including:

  • Making threats to harm someone
  • Making a person fear something will happen to them, their family, friends or pets
  • Coercive control
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Psychological abuse
  • Economic abuse (If someone is being economically abusive, they may control your finances or use money to control you)
  • Stalking, either in person, online or via the phone

In Australia, family and domestic violence is not a criminal offence on its own in many instances. Family violence offences can lead to family violence charges at times if an interim order or protective order is breached or a criminal offence occurs. This can result in a prison sentence or community correction order.

Committing family violence can carry a penalty of up to 3 years in prison. If an offender is a repeat offender and has previously breached domestic violence orders or committed violent crimes, imprisonment of 5 or more years can result.

People with records of family or domestic violence, whether committed here or in another country, may also result in criminal charges that affect your visa or travel options on the grounds of character.

A Family Violence Intervention Order is a legal order designed to protect individuals from family violence. Our lawyers can guide you through the process, and you can also apply directly to the court or speak to the police in an emergency. An interim intervention order can be made before a court date for immediate legal protection. If your children are also at risk of harm, they can be added to protective court orders as an affected family member.

Personal Safety Orders can also be made if the person accused of abusive or harmful behaviour is not family or your partner.

Family violence significantly influences decisions on parenting and property matters post-divorce, with courts prioritising the safety and well-being of all parties involved in legal proceedings. Parenting matters can be further complicated if one party has been accused of family violence, or is found guilty of family or domestic violence.

If you feel that a Family Violence Intervention Order (FVIO) has been wrongly imposed; legal processes can be initiated to challenge or remove the order, ensuring fair treatment. Pleading guilty to a family violence charge can have serious consequences, and breaching an intervention order can lead to imprisonment, so you must manage the situation appropriately.

Do not contact or harass the person named on the Intervention Order. It may be your current or ex-partner, family member, and possibly your children living in the family home. Still, it’s vital to take the correct course of legal action and get advice from a family violence lawyer. Communicating with the affected family member can lead to a criminal charge if you are found guilty of breaching an order.

If you are in immediate danger, call emergency services at 000.

For support, referrals and information, contact 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732) – a national sexual assault, domestic, and family violence counselling service.

You can also seek advice from a family violence lawyer at our office. We can assist with intervention orders, court date representation, attending court on your behalf and ensuring parenting arrangements are made with the safety of family members as a priority.

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