Superannuation Total and Permanent Disability

Does your matter involve another area of law?

We offer a whole range of services in other areas of law:

  • drafting wills and disputes regarding wills
  • disputes regarding the distribution of deceased estates 
  • debts – whether you’re the debtor, or, you are the person owed money
  • superannuation total and permanent disability claims if you have an injury or disability, or, death benefits if a loved one passes away
  • we can provide initial consultation, and referral or representation in workers compensation, transport accidents, injuries, or negligence claims
  • we offer mediation services & workplace investigation services 
  • we can represent you and liaise with government departments about decisions, debts or obligations
  • we can assist you with social security appeals before the aat regarding debts or advising you on how to best maximise your social security claim

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