What does separation under the same roof mean?

In Australia, we are noticing a rise in couples separating but continuing to live under the same roof. Often the arrangement to continue living together post-separation is for a short period i.e.: weeks or months.   However, given the current cost of living crisis that many Australian families are currently experiencing, we are seeing a rise […]

Tips on navigating Father’s Day during or after separation

Father’s Day is an important occasion which celebrates fatherhood and the many and great wonderful things that it means to be a dad, stepdad or granddad.   But Father’s Day can be hard to navigate, especially during or after separation. Many fathers’ may be feeling lonely and isolated leading up to Father’s Day, especially those who […]

What is the Lighthouse program?

Lighthouse overlook the ocean with a sunset in the horizon

In recognition to the stress and distress of complex parenting matters, the Court has developed a new stream-lined model to: Since 2020, the program has been piloted at the Adelaide, Brisbane and Parramatta registries of the Court.  Now, the program will be extended to fifteen further Registries. Aims It is hoped that the surveys will […]

Technology and family violence

Woman looking at mobile phone

Find out about how someone using family violence could also use technology to perpetrate abuse, how to stay safe online and what to do if you’re not feeling safe. We use technology to stay connected with our loved ones, do our banking, make appointments, and much more. This is fine in relationships where there is […]


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New guidelines have been in place for a year for those who have separated and are negotiating family law (parenting and/or property) matters. However, its important to know the timeframes and steps involved. Despite popular thought, most matters settle amicably after some negotiation without going to Court.  Other matters do not. Some matters settle after mediation and negotiation […]

Who gets the pets?

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The question as to where the beloved family pet will live during a family law proceedings is one we often come across. Despite how much we love our pets, they are not considered in the same way that custody of children are. As such, dogs get distributed as other property would, and are not necessarily […]

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